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Whole Approaches to Weight Loss
Join a Naturopath for 4 weekly 2-hour sessions and enjoy a unique whole
approach to achieving and maintaining weight loss. The emphasis is on healthy,
real weight management for the body and mind. Each session begins with a series
of stretching and stress reduction Body Therapy techniques. Following is
instruction on discovering the underlying cause of weight challenges, the seven
principles of nutritional therapy, the use of botanicals including aromatherapy, and
lifestyle modification with hypnotherapy. Dress comfortably. Handouts provided.

Creating Health Within The Seasons
The seasons of the year affect us externally and internally.  Awareness and
adaption to the outer and inner cycles enables us to promote health and prevent
stress and illness. Discover how to tune in to the organs, experiences, activities,
emotions, colors and flavors that are the focus in each season. Learn the foods,
herbs, therapies and exercises that create well-being during the cycles.
Students should wear comfortable clothing, preferably not jeans, as we will be
demonstrating meridian acupressure points and reflexology points. Handouts
provided. 3 hours.

Aromatherapy: Level I Workshop                                                 
Discover Aromatherapy! Led by a Registered Clinical Aromatherapist this dynamic
workshop explores the basics of aromatherapy. You will learn the definition,
history, and safety of essential oils. Indications for use and effective application
techniques will be covered. A foundation sufficient for the casual use of a dozen
primary essential oils will be built. Includes supplies, handouts and recommended
reading list. 6 hours plus lunch break.

Aromatherapy: Level II Workshop
Spend a weekend exploring Aromatherapy and getting to know essential oils “up
close and personal”. You will attain an overview of the Aromatherapy discipline,
learn about safety issues, explore clinical uses, and both days will include hands-
on practice of blending skills. This intensive workshop is geared for the individual
wanting to gain a higher level of understanding of aromatherapy and essential oils
without the  long-term commitment or need for an Aromatherapy Certification. 2
day weekend workshop totaling 12 hours instruction time. Handout provided.
Prerequisite Aromatherapy Level I or similar.

Essential Oils: Powerful Anti-Infectious Agents
With focus on emerging infectious viruses and bacteria this class explores
essential oils as powerful anti-infectious agents, encompassing their antibacterial,
antifungal and antiviral properties. Facilitated by Jennifer Echert, a Registered
Clinical Aromatherapist, we will look at the current research that has created a
unique medical-pharmacuetical dynamic in aromatherapy and discuss the
properties, actions and biochemistry of essential oils that make them effective
against microbes. Infectious diseases, indications and methods of use of the oils
will be detailed. Handout provided. 2 hours.

Essential Oils: Healthy Childhood Companions
Aromatherapy is beneficial for children of all ages, temperaments and states of
health when used responsibly. Learn the principles of using essential oils and
hydrosols from plants safely and effectively, including age suitability, dilution rates,
blending techniques and sourcing excellent quality oils so that you can positively
impact your child’s health. Handouts provided. 3 hours.

Essential Oils: Healthy Chronic Disorders Companions
Beneficial to persons challenged with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and similar
chronic disorders as well as those working with them in a healing capacity. We will
  • Understanding the disease and healing process and determining where a
    person is within this process.
  • Consideration of immediate, intermediate and long term care goals.
  • Selection of specific essential oils based on care goals and the properties
    that make these oils effective.
  • Blending of essential oils and application methods and tools.
  • Follow-up, reassessment and adjustments to insure complete healing.
Case histories will be presented and there will be hands-on experiencing of the
essential oils and blends utilized.

Essential Oils: Healthy Cancer Companions
Aromatherapy helps to lessen and/or alleviate the debilitating effects of cancer
and it’s conventional treatments including depression, anxiety, nausea and loss of
appetite, fatigue etc.. In this workshop we will discuss the most effective essential
oils to use in blends before, during and after cancer treatments. The focus will be
on building, supporting and strengthening the immune , digestive and nervous
systems and of course targeting the side effects of cancer treatments with the
effective use of specific essential oils. Participants will create an aromatherapy
blend for nausea and stomach discomfort to take with them. 3 hours.

What’s Your Personality? Discovery & Enhancement with
“Aroma-Genera” is a process of personality discovery and enhancement through
essential oils. The system was developed by Valerie Ann Worwood and explores
which oils best suit a person and help them progress rapidly in positive directions
by profoundly impacting their whole person. Experience the “Magnificent Nine”
typing oils synergized from over 150 individual essential oils to discover your
abundant self. Handout provided. 2 hours.

Herbal Spa Workshop: A Natural Approach to Beauty
Learn the secrets used by many herbal spas to obtain beautiful skin. Easily
prepare customized beauty products from all-natural ingredients. Create
delightfully scented herbal facial steams, clay masks, skin toners, moisturizers,
body and foot scrubs and massage oils. Experience samples and try an herbal
facial mask in class. Recipes provided. Dress comfortably. 2 hours.

A Traveler’s Natural First Aid Kit
Making travel plans? Don’t forget that traveling and eating in new places can tax
the body and cause new (and sometimes undesired) experiences like Montezumas
revenge and jet lag. Make your travels more enjoyable by learning which natural
medicines to use for illness prevention, to maintain your immune system and
revitalize your body, mind and spirit. Handout provided. 2 hours.

Planting for Health
Longing for spring? Enjoy an evening exploring herbs you can grow in your home
garden to use for keeping you and your family healthy. Learn their medicinal
actions, indications for use and ways to preserve and prepare them. Planting and
harvesting with intention using organic methods will also be discussed. Seed
resources/handout provided. 2 hours.

Herbs For Your Health
This four-part series is a hands-on dynamic way to teach the information about
medicinal herbs needed to use and include them in your life and healthcare.
Learn about the plants, their actions, indications for use, and their parts used to
make preparations. Observe how preparations are made.  Investigate how to
build an herbal pharmacy and determine what to include for yourself to enhance
your life and manage stress and what is appropriate for children and the elderly.
Handout provided. 8 hours total. Highly recommended prerequisite for Herbal
Preparations workshop.

Wild Weed Walks (Herb Walks)
Discover the abundance growing around us! Come enjoy a morning walk
identifying and learning about wild edible and medicinal plants that are flourishing
in our area. Walks are in a local forest. Dress appropriately for hiking and the
weather (hikes take place unless weather is severe). Meeting location will be set
upon registration. Pack a lunch for discussion time after the walk. 3 hours.
Highly recommended prerequisite to Herbal Preparations workshop.

Herbal Preparations
Ever wonder how you could turn all those dandelions in your yard…
into something helpful? Or what exactly is nettle leaf infusion?
Why would you take it, how do you make it &… where does it come from?
Do you share with clients that herbs can be helpful allies in healing but...           
feel hesitant about creating your own formulas?
Then join a Naturopath for a hands-on class preparing the top healing plants!
  • No previous experience needed! Discover the ease & fun of learning
    practical applications of herbs & develop the confidence to practice this
    knowledge with yourself & others.
  • Learn what parts of the plant to use & participate in the making of several
    herbal formulas.  Focus will be on herbs that grow in our area.
  • Techniques of herbal preparation covered will include the making of
    infusions, liquid extracts, syrups, balms, creams, hydrosols and more.
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