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~A Wholistic Way To Life~
Jennifer Echert, Naturopath
About BerkanaWay
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BerkanaWay is a Naturopathic Clinic where the focus is on
prevention and the causes of illness. We work to develop
personalized, integrative approaches to health challenges,
educating and encouraging growth to achieve results. Our
approach allows you to really be heard in regard to your
concerns and goals and facilitates recovery and positive

We offer holistic solutions to many concerns with emphasis on:

  • auto-immune diseases and chronic illness, fibromyalgia
  • neurotransmitter dysfunction including ADD/ADHD/ASD,
    addictions, depression/anxiety and Pyroluria disorder
  • hormone imbalances, hypothyroid,PMS, menopause
  • allergies/sensitivies
  • digestive disorders, weight loss
  • skin disorders and care, acne, rosacea
  • lifestyle management, stress reduction, behavior
  • anti-aging/longevity

The Naturopathic modalities employed are Functional
Medicine; Clinical Nutrition; Botanical Medicine including
Aromatherapy; Homeopathy; Hydrotherapy; Traditional
Chinese Medicine; Ayurvedic Medicine; Physical Medicine
including Massage, Cranio-Sacral, Reflexology and
Acupressure; Counseling/Lifestyle Management including
Hyponotherapy, Reiki, and Meditation.

BerkanaWay also offers classes and workshops where we
share our knowledge to enhance the lives of others and
encourage them to grow.

BerkanaWay was founded in 1996 by Jennifer Echert as the
birth of her son was imminent. Pregnancy was a catalyst to
return to and explore more deeply the passions that had
captivated her as a child. Being in tune with the natural world
and working with the plants and their healing properties.

The conviction became strong that not all that is presented to
us in this modern world has our best interests at heart nor is
even safe for us. Determination to seek out truth and provide
safe possibilities led to the development of BerkanaKare
Botanical Skin Care & AromaTherapuetics. These are the
formulas Jennifer has developed over the years of working
with clients that provide the opportunity to heal and enhance
our lives. BerkanaKare has grown to include a retail space in
our office and an
online store, making these fresh vital
formulas more widely available.

The names "BerkanaWay" and "BerkanaKare" came from a
meditation with the Viking Runes, an ancient script that
utilized symbols, which led to the drawing of the "Berkana"
rune. It is the birch tree and represents growth, rebirth and
new life. A perfect description of what we endeavor to  
accomplish here.
Disclaimer: Naturopath's are not required to be licensed in the state of Illinois.  The contents of this website are
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professional and they are not intended as medical advice. You are encouraged to make your own health care
decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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