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Practice of Naturopathy and Complimentary Modalities

    Therapies utilized within the naturopathic system are
    clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy,
    hydrotherapy, TCM, physical medicine and
    counseling/lifestyle modification. Learn more...

Clinical Nutrition  
    The use of diet as a therapy serves as a foundation of
    Naturopathy. This includes the use of whole foods and
    nutritional supplements. The Naturopath has been trained
    to understand what nutrients and foods to utilize to
    achieve a desired outcome, through the study of
    functional medicine and other programs.

Botanical Medicine  
    The use of plants as medicine, used for health since
    antiquity. This encompasses herbalism, aromatherapy
    and flower essences. The perception that plant medicine
    became obsolete with man’s invention of antibiotics and
    other synthetic drugs is self-deceptive. Naturopath’s are
    trained to know both the historical uses and the modern
    chemical actions of herbs.

    This is a system of medicine that uses very minute
    quantities of an agent that will produce the same
    symptoms as the disease when given to a healthy
    individual. It is based on the principal that “like cures
    like”. Homeopathic remedies are derived from plant,
    mineral and chemical substances.

TCM (traditional Chinese medicine)
    Including acupressure and acupuncture TCM is part of an
    ancient system of techniques based on balancing and
    enhancing the flow of vital chi (energy) with in the body
    and its organs. Acupuncture, acupressure and other
    methods work on specific points along the meridians
    (pathways) to achieve this. Herbs, minerals, food and
    other medicines are incorporated based on the
    assessment of what type of action is needed to achieve

    The use of water in any of its forms and methods of
    application in the maintenance or achievement of health.
    This is a historic therapy in many cultures since ancient

Physical Medicine
    The use of physical measures such as exercise,
    physiotherapy, massage, hydrotherapy, etc in the course
    of therapy.

Counseling and Lifestyle Modification
    Essential to a naturopathic approach, many skills are
    employed including: interviewing and responding skills,
    active listening, assessing body language, recognizing
    and understanding prevalent psychological issues such as
    addictions and stress, and correcting underlying organic
    factors. Tools used and taught include hypnosis, guided
    imagery, Reiki, meditation and Emotional Self
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