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Jennifer Echert, Naturopath
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic
A term coined early in the past century, aromatherapy has
moved out of its infancy as a modality of massage and
relaxation into that of powerful plant medicine.

Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile compounds found
within various parts of some plants. Plants and their extracts
have been used since our beginnings to maintain health and
aid healing. Orthodox medicine as we know it today is directly
linked to plant medicine, known as phytotherapy. Plant
medicine has the ability to be effective without depleting the
body or fostering tolerance by microbes. This is due to its
incredible complexity. Essential oils in particular contain
highly active molecular components and their ability to
penetrate the skin's structure as well as have an influence on
the mind via the olfactory nerves makes their applications
multiple and strong. They are able to kill invasive bacteria
without interfering with the functioning of the body.

Aromatherapy is a unique initial stimulant in the healing
process.  It offers many effective methods for the prevention
and cure of infections as well as the prevention of diseases
resulting from imbalances in lifestyle.
It works best for infections and acute conditions especially
susceptible to quick intervention, and improving immune
response. It also works well for nervous-system imbalances
and psychological and hormonal imbalances. Auto-immune
diseases can respond to aromatherapy, but are best
approached with multiple methods of healing. Essential oils
also have the ability to act as secondary medicine, relieving
the possibility of  cross-reactions and also the side-effects of
the primary drugs.

BerkanaWay’S Vital Guard Therapy ™ is a customized
aromatherapy application that powerfully addresses body
imbalances. It is extremely effective when utilized at the first
sign of viral or other microbial infection symptoms. Only 100%
pure, therapeutic organic or pesticide-free grade plant
essential oils and hydrosols are applied in this therapy. While
the body quickly metabolizes the oils, their antiviral,
antibacterial and antifungal benefits continue for several
days, working to bring the body into balance. Some of the
benefits are improved healing ability and recovery time, and a
strengthening of the body’s overall biological terrain.  
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