Jennifer Echert
~A Wholistic Way To Life~
Jennifer Echert, Naturopath
Meditation can be practiced while sitting, walking, lying down,
standing and even while performing daily tasks. Its function is
to heal and transform and provides a powerful way to
self-growth and inner peace. All meditation seeks to cultivate
mindfulness so that we may look deeply into what we are
focusing upon. Some meditations focus on nourishing
ourselves, others on renewing contact, others on letting go.
Meditation addresses our different needs as they arise.

Guided meditations are typically presented in an open group
format where all are welcomed.  Some include stress-relieving
and energizing breathing and exercise techniques. Group
meditations are chosen based on the needs of the
participants and can vary from time to time.  

It is possible to also meditate while alone, and mindfulness
can be cultivated throughout our day. This helps us to gain
insight and build wisdom about our lives.

Learning and practicing with a teacher or group helps support
you in your meditation practice.   
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