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~A Wholistic Way To Life~
Jennifer Echert, Naturopath
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient tradition that uses universal life
energy to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself by using the
hands to pass energy through one person into another. It traces its
roots back to what is now Tibet, originating around 3,000 B.C. and has
been practiced for thousands of years although not always by the name

A Japanese scholar, Dr. Mikao Usui, rediscovered the lost art in the 19th
century.  He passed on his knowledge to others, who have since spread
Reiki around the world .Reiki is a Japanese word derived from Rei,
meaning “spirit” and Ki meaning “energy”. These Japanese characters,
when combined, present the concept of “Universal Life-force Energy.”  

Reiki can be defined as the art of activating, applying and balancing the
universal life force energy that dwells within every living being, animal or
plant. It is a holistic form of healing and works on the whole person-
mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels at the same time. The
term “healing” refers to the balancing of energy in the body so that it
may heal itself.

Reiki brings many benefits including:  

Having a calming effect on the body
Connecting a person to the source of spiritual energy
Clearing energy blockages and increases overall energy
Restoring balance to the body
Supporting physical, emotional, mental and physical healing
Supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself
Complementing all other therapies
Bringing joy,inner peace and balance
Speeding up the body's healing processes

Many people schedule Reiki sessions with a practitioner on a regular
basis as part of their ongoing health program, enjoying its many
benefits. Also, any person can learn and practice Reiki. It is non-
religious. People of many faiths and religions use it successfully. It is
especially recommended for those who are chronically ill so that they
may do the work on themselves, as taught in Reiki Level I. In order to
practice Reiki a person must be attuned to the energy by a Reiki Master
Teacher. In most people the innate life force energy is weak and
unfocused. This energy is progressively strengthened and focused by
attunement into the three levels or degrees of Reiki, the third level often
being referred to as Master Practitioner level.
Reiki Precepts
as given by Hawayo Takata

Just for today,
thou shall not anger

Just for today,
thou shall not worry

Just for today,
we shall count our blessing

(Just for today)
Do our work honestly

(Just for today)
To be kind to all things
that have life.
Jennifer Echert Level III Master Practitioner
A Reiki Master is a person who has received the necessary initiations for
each level of Reiki, the 4 Reiki symbols (including the knowledge of their
usage), and the training and knowledge that goes along with each
degree of Reiki. A Reiki Master is someone who uses Reiki daily,
someone who tries to live by the Reiki Precepts, someone who has
learned and continues to practice the techniques they were taught, and
who allows themselves to be guided by Reiki.  A Reiki Master is a
person, just like everyone else. They don't present themselves as being
better than anyone else. A Reiki Master is a person who has dedicated
their life to using, being in relationship with, and ultimately living Reiki.

Jennifer's Master Lineage
Reiki Masters trace their lineage showing their heritage in a traditional or
non-traditional practice. In Jennifer's lineage is a Master who studied
and was attuned under two of current day Reiki's most influential
teachers. From these trainings they then passed on to their students
both of these heritages. Arthur Robertson created the Raku-Kei
system, known as the way of the Fire Dragon. Phyllis Furomoto is
keeper of the tradition Usui System known as Usui Shiki Ryoho. The two
lineages are outlined here. In addition, Jennifer is a Transformational
Reiki Master, trained by Dr. Karyn Mitchell in her Trans-Reiki system,
esoteric teachings in a Mystery School tradition.

2500+ Years ago        
Sanscrit Sutras
Tibetan Monks
Enlightened Masters
Master Mikao Usui
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
Master Hawayo Takata

Grandmaster Master Mikao Usui-1865 to 1925. Credited with the
rediscovery of Reiki.
Grandmaster Dr. Chujiro Hiyashi-1873 to 1941. Instituted the three
levels of teaching Reiki.
Grandmaster Madame Hawayo Takata-1900 to 1980. Lived and
healed in Hawaii for many years. She began to train Reiki Masters at the
age of 73. Upon her death, she left 22 masters in the USA and Canada.
Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro- The 10th Master initiated by Hawayo
Takata. She was told by Hawayo Takata to only train 3 people at the
Master level,she trained her daughter and Arthur Robertson. Iris taught
Reiki I and II together and asked Arthur to do the same. Transitioned
on June 7, 1986.
Phyllis Lei Furumoto (Mrs. Takata's Granddaughter)Her Master level
initiation was in April of 1979 in Keosauqua, Iowa. Grandmaster of the
Reiki Alliance, keeper of Usui System of Reiki Healing, Usui Shiki Ryoho.
Dr. Arthur Robertson-Elevated to Reiki Master/Teacher in 1983 by
Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro .Arthur Robertson was responsible for adding
the Kanji Hand mudras, the Johrei symbols, and "Breathing" (fire dragon
breath and contracting technique) that are taught in some Reiki
classes.  He transitioned March, 2001.
Rick & Emma Ferguson-Most of the Reiki practitioners in the region
come from out of Rick & Emma's Reiki lineage. They've been teaching
Reiki for over 20 years.
Karyn and Steven Mitchell-Reiki Master Teachers for several years in
the Midwest. Creator of the Trans-Reiki system.
Raku Kei
Traditional vs Non-Traditional Reiki Systems
3 levels in the Reiki system (as taught by Hawayo Takata) or 4 levels (as
taught in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai as well as some other Reiki
4 Symbols taught, no more, no less
(In a 3 level system, 3 symbols are taught in level 2, and 1 symbol is
taught in level 3)
4 initiations for level 1, 1-3 initiations for level 2, and 1 initiation at the
Master/Teacher level.

Teachings about Chakras
Teachings about Crystals
Teachings about Meridians
Teachings about Colors
Teachings about Reiki Guides
Teachings about Ascended Masters
Microcosmic Orbit
Hui Yin
Channeled information
Psychic Surgery
Healing Attunements
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